Mexican Food

Our Philosophy

Homemade Mexican Food – since 1987!

Joe Peña’s Catina Y Bar – more than just a Mexican restaurant! Since 1987, Joe Peña’s has stood for uncompromisingly authentic Mexican food and steaks. Then as now, only fresh ingredients and no convenience food are used for the preparation of the meals. Homemade Mexican Food at it’s best!



Joe Peña’s stands for taste, quality and transparency!

Not all steak is the same – and you can taste that. We at Joe Peña’s think it is important and right that our guests know where our meat comes from. After all, in addition to taste and quality, we want to ensure transparency in this sensitive area. Our steaks come exclusively from Black Angus and Hereford steers. To guarantee the highest level of quality, we have been sourcing our meat from our contractual partner, the Solassi family and their rodeo ranch in Argentina for years.

Because the herds of cattle of the rodeo ranch literally walk for two years across the huge, lush grass-covered plains of the Argentinean pampas. Due to the year-round temperate climate, the grazing cattle find enough food in the form of grasses and bushes all year round. Due to the many movements, the intramuscular fat is distributed particularly well, which can be recognized by the tender, even marbling of the meat. And the grass feeding gives the meat a particularly spicy aroma. Quality you can taste!

No stable keeping, no fattening feed and no addition of antibiotics.
More natural and biological is not possible. More tenderly also not.